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- Become a member of my website :
  I get hundreds of messages and emails from guys wanting to make a video with me. That's great because I'm always looking for new guys .. but .. 70% of guys flake out. A lot of my time is spent messaging the guys who never turn up .. so I've made it a requirement that you first become a member of my website before you contact me.
  If you contact me, and don't hear back, it will be because you did not mention you were a member.

- Send a photo of yourself :
  You know what I look like so I would like to know what you look like. A nude photo is not necessary .. but please send one if you want to. I want to be able to see your face and your body in the photo. If you want to show me your cock then please do .. I would love to see it :-)

- Tell me what type of scene you want to be in :
  I love everything from 1 on 1 sex to huge gangbangs so please let me know what you would like to be involved in .. and NOT involved in. If you'd like to include your sexual likes and dislikes please do .. I'd love to hear them.

- Tell me where you're located :
  I need to know where you are so I can tell you when we might be able to meet. And don't worry if you're right across the country. We travel to the east coast twice a year .. and visit a lot of different cities .. so we maybe near you soon.

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