We get asked a lot of questions; about us .. about how and why we started to swing .. and about how and why we started our website .. so we've put together this page to tell you about us and our 'history' .. we have also included answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

If you still have questions .. please email us and we will get back to you :-)

Bio - A Little About Us


If you'd like to know a little about us, here goes.....

We have been together since we were teenagers and in those 'early years' we had several threesomes and group sex experiences with other couples and single guys. Then there came a period of several years where we didn't swing at all but concentrated on raising our family.

We knew we would return to swinging and did so in the early nineties with a series of threesomes with a guy we had become friends with. More guys then followed, and a few couples, and before we knew it Cathy's insatiable appetite for sex had us organizing mini gang bangs (3 and 4 guys). It was certainly great to be back in the swinging lifestyle and we were having a ball.

Hi! I'm Cathy!

A few years after we returned to swinging, the internet came along and like many others we got online and started checking out the porn. It didn't take us long to decide we wanted to get involved so Peter sent in some photos of Cathy to a website devoted to women's butts; Wally's World of Cyber Butts. The response we received was amazing. Several weeks later he sent a series of pics and a story into The Dark Cavern Website. The response that received was totally beyond what we could have imagined and we decided we wanted to put up our own website.

We knew we had more than enough photos and video (long before the internet came along we were doing exactly what we are doing now; enjoying sex with multiple partners and videotaping/photographing it) so Peter started to teach himself html code and other skills that would be needed. Along the way he experimented with some 'practice' versions of our website and then on 01/23/1999 the first 'serious' version of CathysCraving went live. From that very first day we have loved having this website and have had so much fun and met so many great people (many who are now friends) because of it...

And now lets hear from Cathy herself ...

What can be better than 2 cocks to pleasure me!
AGE : 30 something .. hehe
MARRIED : Very happily
JOB : Full time on website
HAIR : Natural blond
EYES : Blue
STATS : 36C - 25 - 39
HEIGHT : 5' 6"
WEIGHT : 125 lbs


Well .. now its just me, so what can I tell you about myself? I could say I love horseriding and ... , but that's not what you want to hear about and not what I really want to tell you about .. hehehe. SEX!  is what we both want and I gotta tell you I just love it!!! I don't know why but sometimes it's something I just can't get enough of. I love so much about sex I don't know where to start. The sight, the sound, the smell, the taste. I love it all and there isn't a lot I won't try at least once (I will only have sex with consenting adults and refuse to have anything to do with; animals, children and excessive pain). I believe sex is something special, something truly beautiful that we can all share, so I'm sharing!!!

What can I say....I love it!!

I am bisexual, but I don't know whether you would say I was "full on" bisexual. I mean I have been with many women, and really enjoyed it, but if I had to make a choice I would always choose sex with men. I guess I just love the feeling of being fucked hard and fast by a guy(s)... Oh don't get me wrong I do jump at the chance to "get it on" with another woman but if I did have to choose (thank God I don't) I would pick sex with a man.

Making love with another woman is very different to being with a man. Where a man is hard and masculine a woman is soft and tender. Whenever we get together with another couple, and the woman is bisexual, I just love the variety that is possible. I can be fucked hard and fast by the men, I can suck their hard fat cocks or I can feel the softness of another woman as we tenderly explore each others bodies. I just love being gone down on by another woman and I especially love being fucked from behind as I'm licking her ... mmmm!!

Mmmm....this feels soooo good!!

Anal sex is something else I really love. At first I had to work up from fingers and dildos but now I can take most men without pain or discomfort, only pleasure. Before a man fucks my butt he has to get me ready. Not only do I need to be really turned on but I also need to be "loosened" up. A man must use his tongue on my anus and the more he gets into it the more ready I get. When he has my butt ready I'll suck his cock or get him to fuck my pussy to get him really wet and then let him slide his cock up my butt. Mmmm ... if done properly it feels fantastic and I love the feeling of his cock in deep. If there is another man present I'll ask him to fuck my pussy at the same time!


There's only one thing I find more pleasurable than one man in my butt and another in my pussy and that is having two in my pussy. I like to start by climbing on top of one guy and slipping his cock into me then I lie down and get the other guy to enter me from behind. The sensation of feeling that second cock push its way into me is just ... WOW!!! ... so pleasurable. Being fully penetrated by two cocks and then feeling them start to move sets me right off and before long I'm literally begging them to fuck me hard and fast. I just love it and if the guys get into a good rhythm - one pushing in as the other pulls outs - it is the most intensely pleasurable thing you can imagine. I always cum several times like that and my only complaint is that this is too much for most men, and they will cum long before I've "had enough." Sometimes, when I'm only with one man, I'll even slide a vibrator into my pussy while he is fucking me just to experience something similar.

From the very first time I had two cocks in my pussy I fell in love with it and now I try to "get it" every chance I can. To feel two men sliding in and out really can't be described. I whole heartedly recommend to any woman out there to give it a try. The pleasure you experience is unbelieveable and I know you will just love it. A note of caution though, take it easy at the start and work up to it!


I know a lot of women get off on having a guy cum in their mouth but for me where I really love a guy to cum is deep in my pussy. It really does it for me when I can hear and feel a guy getting ready to cum off inside me. Sometimes, as he gets close, I can feel his cock head swell and then when he starts spurting, and I feel myself get warm and sloppy, it just does it for me big time. I love it and most times I orgasm as he is, because he is. And I gotta tell you if two guys are cumming in me at the same time it is just out of this world. I really don't know how to describe it but it is fantastic!!!!!

2 into 1 does go....and it feels GREAT!!

I also enjoy being watched, and watching. Whenever I get the chance, and weather permitting, I love to go out wearing clothes that show off my body and more times than not I don't wear panties. I've had some incredible fun flashing people, and their reactions are priceless. I've been caught a few times, but I guess that's what makes it so exciting, the danger of someone catching you. Most times I pretend not to notice I'm giving someone a "free" look but on occasions I've deliberately flashed a person who I felt would "get off on it" (and they're not the only one!).

And writing this has got me so horny I'm going to finish up and go see where my husband is. I've been sitting here playing with myself but now I want more than just my fingers inside me ... bye for now!!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked the same questions time and time again and as much as we enjoy answering them, it's just getting a bit too time-consuming. So we decided to put together a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section to help you learn more about us, and to help cut down the time we spend answering the same questions. This FAQ will be updated as new questions come in and we hope you find it interesting and informative. Click on a question to get the answer.

As new FAQs turn up I will add them to the list.....don't forget to check back!

Does it hurt when you're fucking a 10" cock?

I've been asked this many times and while it doesn't hurt me I know other women do get hurt by big cocks. I guess it has something to do with your anatomy because for me there has never been any pain, only pleasure. Oh sure after a really long, and hard, session my pussy and butt will be sore the next day but it's more a 'pleasant' sore than a painful one.

The first really big cock I had was 9 1/2" in length and a huge 8" around. When I first saw it I wondered if I was going to be able to take it and if it would hurt. It was so much thicker than any cock I'd had before (it's still the thickest cock I've ever had). I was so turned on by it though that there was no way I was going to back out.

At the time I was truly amazed at just how big that cock was. Of course I'd heard stories about guys with really big cocks but I'd always thought they'd been exaggerated, that is until I meet Sean. Even limp his cock was big but boy the first time I played with him and felt him grow, and grow, and grow it was like; WOW!!! Fully erect there was no way I could get my hand around it and trying to suck him was just as difficult. I did manage to get his big mushroom shaped knob fully into my mouth but it really made me wonder if I could get him into my pussy. I needn't have worried!

Although it took a bit of effort I managed to get him inside me (I was on top) and it was just the most incredible feeling. I came strongly just having him inside me, stretching me, and came several more times as we fucked. It's still one of the most 'memorable' experiences I've had and it truly did whet my appetite for more big cocks.

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You have a great body and butt, do a lot of men come on to you? Does it bother you?

I guess I'm like most women because I don't think my body is all that special. Don't get me wrong, I know I have a nice body but I'm just not so certain about the 'great' part. I really do appreciate all the lovely compliments though and I hope they never stop.

As for having men come on to me well yes I guess I do get my fair share but it's never bothered me, but I think it would if it stopped (everyone likes to know others find them attractive and desirable and I'm no different). Because I tend to be a bit of an exhibitionist I get a lot of guys looking at me so I shouldn't be surprised when some of them want to take it further. And I should add I've enjoyed some really incredible experiences because of it.

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What does your husband think of you fucking other guys?

Before I answer this question I first want to say I get plenty of sex at home and our sex life is better than most. Neither of us have ever "cheated" on the other and we are always together whenever we enjoy sexual encounters with others (I truly don't have any interest in having sex with someone unless my husband is there). Whenever we involve someone else it is always something we both want and not because we are tired or bored with each other. And we do so as an extension of our sex life not a replacement. We have also found that this has brought us closer together as a couple (contrary to what a lot of people may think).

As far as what my husband thinks well I know for certain he really 'gets off' on seeing, and hearing, me fucking other guys. He has told me many times that the sight, and sound, of me riding some guys cock turns him on like crazy. And knowing this allows me to really let go when I am fucking other guys.

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How do you 'prepare yourself' for anal sex?

If a guy is going to slip his cock into my butt - especially if it's a big cock - the most important thing is for me to be relaxed and turned on. Of course I also need to be 'loosened up' (so to speak) otherwise there can be some discomfort.

Because my husband is really into (pardon the pun) women's butts he has always loved to kiss, lick and fondle mine. He also loves to get his tongue right up inside me and it feels just great. When I have anal sex this is how I like to be loosened up (prepared) and it is such a great form of anal foreplay. Some guys are reluctant to do this but those who do really get off on it and are really turned on when they finally slide their cock in. My anus also tends to remain open for a few seconds before closing (something which I didn't know was rare until someone told me) and guys have told me this is a real turn on when they're tonguing my butt or fucking me.

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Do you really like having two cocks together in your pussy?

Of course if the guys fucking me know what they're doing I just love having a cock in my butt and one in my pussy but I gotta tell you when they both slip into my pussy it just takes the pleasure to a whole new level. The feeling of two stiff cocks sliding in and out of your pussy in perfect rhythm is just the most intensely satisfying thing. I always have multiple orgasms when I have two cocks fucking my pussy and they are always incredibly intense.

I tend to get so carried away when getting fucked this way that I don't want the guys to stop. As I'm cumming I keep calling out to them to fuck me. Unfortunately most guys find it incredibly hard to hold back their load when fucking this way so I usually don't get as much of it as I'd like. And more often than not once one guy starts to cum the other isn't far behind. Oh don't get my wrong, I just love having them cum off inside me but usually I wouldn't have minded a little more fucking before they did!

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Where do you most like to have a man cum?

Basically I like a man to cum wherever, and whenever, he likes to cum. If he's happy and satisfied, then so am I. If you are asking for my preference though, then I have to say in my pussy.

I just love being fucked by a man and having him cum in my pussy. There is just something so intensely satisfying about it. To be fucked hard and urgently by a man and to hear and sense him getting ready to orgasm really does it for me. 99 times out of a 100 I'll cum again as he does and the orgasm I have is quite different to other orgasms. I don't know what it is but I do know I love it. And the times when I have two guys cum together in my pussy is hard to explain. It's just like doubling what it is like when there is one guy. I guess that may be why - when I'm being fucked by two guys in my pussy - that I keep asking them for more and more. I want them to both cum in me.

Also something my husband loves (and he's not the only one!) is fucking me after another man has cum in me. He really enjoys fucking me when my pussy is full of one or more guys cum and he never lasts long before he cums in me as well (and neither do I!).

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I really want to fuck you, can I?

I get a lot of requests like this and wonder if they are really serious. While I'm always happy and willing to meet new people I do have one condition, my husband must be with me. I'd never meet anyone alone, nor have sex with anyone without my husband being there with me.

I've had quite a lot of guys e-mail me telling me how they want to have sex with me. They write telling me how great a lover they are and how satisfied I'll be afterwards. Sometimes I get so wet and excited from their e-mail that I write straight back and try to get something happening (a meeting). I don't know what it is - perhaps the problem is these guys are all talk and no action - because they seem afraid to actually follow through. I don't mind getting wet and excited from reading an e-mail (I love it actually) but please don't just lead me on. If meeting me is just a fantasy, and you want to keep it that way, tell me at the end of your e-mail.

So if you want to fuck me, maybe you can, I will happily meet single unattached men as well as couples, in fact I quite enjoy meeting both. But please you need to tell me about yourself, and you need to send me a picture. I do have some standards so you will need to be at least of average looks, clean, and not overweight. I'm not all that caught up on looks, but when it comes to sex, looks are a big plus.

So, bottom line, I will fuck you, but only if I find you appealing, sincere, interesting and intelligent.

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My wife is turned on by the idea of fucking a Black guy, do you have any advise on how we should go about it?

This is a very common question I receive but in most cases the e-mail is from a husband who wants his wife to try sex with a Black man. Now I'm only assuming but I feel in a lot of these the wife is not involved and it is actually the husbands fantasy to see his wife with a Black man. Of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with this but unless the wife is involved I just don't believe it's going to happen, no matter how much you try to make it. If it is a fantasy it's best to enjoy it as such (I just love fantasies) and if the opportunity does arise to fulfill it well then go for it.

On the other hand if both partners are involved, and I know a lot of women do fantasise about sex with Black men, then it is only a matter of how to arrange it. And believe me there are a lot of Black men out there - heaps of white guys too - just waiting to make contact with you.

Once you've decided you do want to get in contact with a Black man there are several ways you can go about it. You can try to make contact personally. You may know a Black man who you feel you can approach or you may go somewhere, such as a club, where you could meet someone. You can place an ad in a contact type publication. That way you state the type of man you're looking for and then wait for any replies (and answer those which seem suitable). Or you can place an ad, or answer an ad, that appears on the internet. Personally I feel the internet is a great way to make first contact as you can get to know a lot about the other person before you actually meet them (you can also easily exchange photos etc).

Above all you need to remember there is no right way, or wrong way, to meet a Black man. What feels comfortable and works for one couple won't be suitable for another.

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What is the most men Cathy has had at one time?

The most guys Cathy has had at one time is .. 28 .. AND .. she desperately wants to try more than that .. LOL

The 28 was during a gangbang she did in July 2003 and it was held in Los Angeles on a VERY hot night. Her girlfriend Victoria was also there and between the two of them they were constanstly fucked for almost four hours. Cathy had approximately 25 loads of cum squirted into her pussy and kept fucking and sucking until every guy there was exhausted .. she even fucked the cameramen.

After the first hour, Cathy was in her 'zone' and was on a 'high' from the constant orgasms. When she gets like this she will gladly continue to fuck until the guys are drained of semen and exhausted. I'm sure can could easily double or triple this number :-)

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If we meet up, and have sex, can I fuck Cathy in her ass and her pussy?

Of course the decision of whether you get to fuck Cathy in her ass is Cathy's alone to make .. but .. I can tell you there is a VERY good chance you will be able to. Lately, Cathy has been doing more and more anal and the size of some of the cocks she has let ass fuck her have been truly HUGE.

When she is really turned on she loves getting a hard cock up her ass so make sure you wait until then before sticking your dick in her butt. She also loves it when a guy cums in her ass so if you want to shoot your jizz in her butt then you should let her know as it will make her even more turned on.

If ass fucking is something you'd like to do make sure you let Cathy know before you meet as she will need to 'prepare herself' beforehand :-)

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What's the biggest 'thing' Cathy has ever had in her pussy?

Well .. Cathy has been fist fucked by many girls and a few guys and a couple of those guys had reasonably large hands so they would probably be the largest.

Cathy also loves fucking her pussy with large dildos as it stretches her almost to the limit. She has had MANY very intense orgasms thanks to dildos.

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You say you are 'The Queen Of Creampies' so how about doing a gangbang with 50 - 100 guys where they all cum inside you?

I don't even need to ask Cathy what her answer to this question would be because I already know that she is .. VERY VERY .. interested, and wanting, to do a huge creampie gangbang. She has said many times after gangbanging 8 or 10 guys - and having them all unload inside her pussy and ass - that she really wants to do a big gangbang of 20, 30 or more guys!!

To do a gangbang of 50 or more guys (or even just 20 or more) is not easy to organize. Just trying to get that many guys together is the hardest part and then you need to find a location where you can have it. If anyone out there would like to help us make this happen please contact us as it is something we are VERY keen to do :-)

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Does Cathy like eating cum?

When I was younger I was not a fan of eating, or even tasting, cum .. BUT .. over the past couple of years I have really started to enjoy it. Watching a guy getting ready to ejaculate and then feeling his sperm spurt out and land in my mouth or over my face has become a huge turn-on for me. It was then just a natural follow-on for me to taste his cum .. and you know what .. I found out I was liking it .. !!

I still gag sometimes if a guy shoots his cum deep in my mouth but if he just gets it on my tongue I like to play with it in my mouth and taste it before swallowing or letting it dribble from my mouth. Quite often when I do that, there are other guys also wanting to fuck me, or cum in my mouth and they just love it.

I really want to do a big gang bang where I can have 6-8 guys all cum in my mouth and over my face at the same time. That way I could get my mouth full of cum and play with it. That is something I would never have thought to do a few years ago but now I want to hehe :-)

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Cathy seems to be doing more gang bangs now .. does she like them and does her cunt (and ass?) get sore from all that fucking?

Yes .. Cathy is doing a lot more gang bangs these days and it is simply because she loves to be fucked so much. There doesn't seem to be a limit to how much fucking she wants so what better way for her to get this 'marathon' fucking than to get a group of horny guys together!!

No .. Cathy doesn't seem to get sore from a long gang bang session of fucking. It totally amazes me how she can be fucked VERY hard and long by one guy after another and not be sore. And this fucking can go on for 3 or 4 hours.

I know a lot of women do get sore after a much shorter period of time but not Cathy. Actually, after about an hour of solid fucking, Cathy gets into this 'zone' and then continues until all the guys are drained. It is a truly awesome thing to see!! She orgasms again and again while in her 'zone' and is consumed by it.

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In some pictures and video it looks like Cathy has 2 dicks in her pussy ... is this for real or do you fake it?

It is most definitely for real!! Cathy absolutely loves having two dicks together in her pussy fucking her. She always has strong multiple orgasms when she is fucked this way and she especially likes it when the guys fucking her cum in her pussy while doing it.

The first time Cathy experienced this was by accident and she has been 'hooked' on it ever since. If you would like to read all the 'juicy' details of that first time you can in our members area.

I should also add that we don't fake anything on the site. What you see is what truly took place. Remember the saying, "Truth is stranger than fiction!" and in our case we have no need to fake things because our reality is much more interesting and exciting than what we could possibly make up.

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Sometimes Cathy's cunt is loose and gaping and other times 'normal' ... what's the go?

You're absolutely right!! Sometimes Cathy's pussy does gape widely (especially after she has had 2 HUGE cocks inside her or a large dildo) and at other times it looks 'normal'. Cathy is lucky because her pussy is able to stretch very easily and then return to normal after a short period of time.

Cathy is VERY sensitive to the stretching of her pussy and really gets off on it. The pleasure she experiences from 2 cocks fucking her pussy at the same time is enormous and is largely due to this stretching. She also loves getting fist fucked for the same reason.

Surprisingly, (and luckily .. lol) you can fuck Cathy shortly afterwards and not notice any looseness. Ahh ... the mystery and magic of the pussy!!!

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History - How We Started

It was suggested we describe how and why we started swinging .. and also how and why we started our website .. we liked that suggestion very much so here is our account of how we got started. We hope you enjoy reading our history and we would enjoy any feedback and/or questions you might have :-)

How and why we started swinging is not a long story. It all started not long after we started going out together. One night the opportunity arose for us to have a foursome with another couple who we were really good friends with. It wasn't something that was discussed beforehand it just happened.

We were on a large bed making out with our own partners when all of a sudden we were all fondling each other .. well the guys were only fondling the girls .. LOL. That soon progressed to where the girls were soon sucking both cocks and the guys were licking both pussies.

We tried just about everything we could that night and everyone involved totally loved every minute of it. We were all hooked and over the following months the four of us got together several times and sucked and fucked our hearts out. It was a great time!!

When our friends broke up we still got together with the guy a few times and that was when Cathy had her first DPP (Double Pussy Penetration = 2 cocks together in her pussy). It was quite by accident that she did. Our friend was under Cathy with his cock in her pussy and Peter got behind to fuck her butt. He missed pushing his cock into her butt though and it went into her pussy. Cathy started to orgasm immediately so both guys (not knowing both their cocks were in her pussy) thought she was loving the DP and fucked her hard and fast until they also orgasmed. It wasn't until afterwards that Peter realized his cock was also in her pussy.

We swung with a few other couples over the next 2-3 years but then took a break for a few years as we started and raised our family.

In the early 90's we started swinging again. First we had some threesomes and then it foursomes with other couples. Before long we were going to orgies and Cathy was taking on small groups of guys.

In late 1997 we discovered the Internet and was amazed like many other people. Peter had taken LOTS of photos and video over the past 5-6 years so it just happened that we posted some of those pics to a website. The response we received was HUGE so Peter wrote an account of one of their interracial experiences and sent it and some sample photos into another website. Again the response was HUGE with most asking for the address of Cathy's website. At that point we decided to build a website!!

Peter taught himself to build a website (and edited photos & video for a website) and in January 1999 CathysCraving.com was launched. The site did very well from the very first day and within 2 years Peter was working fulltime on the site. Two years later Cathy left her regular job to help Peter. Since then we have continued to build the site and are both having a GREAT time doing so!!

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