We have been on the Internet for over 8 years and in that time our members area has grown significantly. It is very hard to get across how big and varied our members area now is so we decided to put together this page. What you will find here is an introduction to our members area along with some feedback we have received from members and reviews done by independent review websites.

Of course .. If you still have questions, please email us and we will get back to you :-)


Within our members area you will find a HUGE amount of pictures, video, stories, pictorials, camshows, video feeds and lots more. To make it easier to get around, and find what you want, we have divided the members area into a number of sections and (within these sections) subsections. For example; our Creampie section is called 'CreampieCathy' and is divided into 8 subsections (including, MultiPies, AnalPies, CleanUp etc.).

To help give you a better idea what our members area is like we have taken some screen captures of a small sample of pages in our members area. Click on an image below to get a larger view of that image :-)

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Feedback From Members

If you've read this far you will have heard a lot from Cathy and me so we thought you might also like to hear what our members have to say. Below is a selection of emails we have received from members during the past few months.

"You and your wife are the most incredible couple in the world. I would give anything to have a wife like Cathy. You are one lucky Husband. Thanks for the great turn on you'll have created."



Hi Cathy,

"Just checked out the site updates, and wanted to tell you how much I liked the Precious material. I'm not sure why, but it's hard to find content with a hot black woman doing a white guy. Precious is indeed a hot black woman, and Peter seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit (as did you, hehe). Anyways, it was a very hot shoot, and I hope to see more of Precious!"

Have a great day,
xoxo Jeff


"Cathy, you're the hottest, sexiest woman on the Internet, and I ought to know: I've surfed enough sites. At my age (proud to say I'm 65) one becomes bored by all the Barbie-doll, false-breasted young nymphs who look and act as artificial as their tits. You're clearly 100 percent real, and one can see by your body language, your smile, your eyes that you are really "into" it when you do it -- whether it's playing with another woman's pussy or ass, fucking a guy with your pussy or your ass, or playing with his cum. I love your ass (gorgeous!), love your pussy (juicy!), and love your smile! When you smile at me (I can tell it's me you're smiling at through the camera, of course), it lights up my whole room."




"First I'll tell you a little something about me.

I'm a 33 year old white female, married with two children, two boys, both the same age. actually one of the boys is mine and one my husbands, both by a previous marriage.

The reason I'm writing you is because I've admired you for sometime. My admiration stems from your frank and honest approach to sex. It kind of parallels mine. Sometime ago my husband, Dave, showed me a few of your clips, I was so taken by them that I asked him to save any others that he found. Since then I've seen hundreds and I'm still taken. You are just so sexy."

Your Admirer


"Everything in this site is awesome. Every man loves to cum and every man loves to see a fine sexy woman getting it good in every hole possible, and cumming inside its just so nasty that it gets me off in seconds. I have never seen this type of porn but this is the type of stuff I would keep on my hard drive forever for a quick nut."



Hi Cathy

I just want to tell you that your site is one of the best I've seen. You give people their money's worth and you are always trying to make it better.

Thank you and keep it up, which you do by the way.



I want to thank you for being so professional. I have enjoyed your site and I think you are fantastic. Not only in Looks and style but in buisness as well. That your site didn't jack me around on billing was much appreciated. Again many thanks.



Dear Cathy,

I can't imagine what I might say that hasn't been said before, but I am in awe. You're a goddess! Keep it up, I am simply stunned and appreciative.



Hey Cathy,

I just wanted to let you know that I just love your site, it never fails to get my rocks off (he he). I hope to one day maybe meet you in person, I love you site so much that me and my girlfriend watch your movies while, uh you know, well I gotta go and get back to some good ol fashioned Cathy creampies.

Love and I mean Love


this is the best site period! I have tried them all, but keep coming back to this one now for three years



I have joined a few other sites prior to this one. I must say this site is the best. Not only content; but video quality is great, downloads are fast, and everything works they way it is supposed to. It looks to me that you take pride in you product. (Not to mention, Cathy is extremly sexy)



hi cathy

how are you doing

i recently joined your site

i wanted to tell you that it is the best site that i have seen on the internet

you have the best selection of types of pictures and videos around

you are very sexy and have a great body

i personaly like the kinky photos of you the best, especialy the footjob ones.

looking forward to being a member for a very long time


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Below are some reviews which were done regarding our members area. We had no input into what was written so they are completely independent reviews. Due to the length of some of the reviews we have just included one paragraph here .. if you want to read the full review please click on the link and you will be taken to our review on the review site :-)

SCORE: 93 / 100

If you're looking for a hardcore amateur site, I'd highly recommend Cathy's Craving. There's really not a whole lot to complain about here; Cathy and Peter really have an excellent members area. There's a staggering amount of picture and video content in a large variety of categories and I was very pleased with the quality of nearly everything I saw. Organizational details such as clearcut categories and subcategories, easy navigation, and multiple video formats and file sizes are all big pluses in my book. If you're looking for wild amateur sex featuring everything from anal and creampies to gangbangs, interracial, and girl-girl then be sure to check out CathysCraving.com...you'll be glad you did.

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SCORE: 89.4 / 100

-Loads of content to see here.
-Updates daily (diary entries too!).
-All exclusive hardcore material.
-Lots of interaction.

-Navigation is difficult with so much material.
-Quality varies (especially on older stuff of course).

Bottom Line:
"Wow, just a ton of content, updates, and interaction make Cathy's site a winner!"

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SCORE: 4.8 / 5.0

You will enjoy exclusive pictures and videos at Cathy’s Craving. The hardcore action includes gangbangs, interracial, lesbians and threesomes. She also enjoys bondage, cum swapping, fisting, sex toys and watersports. Cathy does live shows on her webcam. The site is updated six times a week with fresh content.

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SCORE: 90 / 100

If you're into swinger couple sites, it doesn't get any better than this. A true look into the swinger lifestyle. Hell, you may even get to satisfy Cathy's Craving yourself.

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